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We proudly offer wholesome artisan dishes made from highest quality organic ingredients. Our recipes are based in the nature’s goodness for physical health, mental balance and spiritual growth.

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  • FREE ENERGY BOWL TODAY!!! for the first 5 people that mention this promotion ------------------------------------…, 18 2019
  • We had no idea a Bearded Dragon could be a service animal! Well, turns our Ringo is a legal Emotional Support anima…, 18 2019
  • Make Your Own ENERGY BOWLS: No-Wait Business Lunch Special Mon-Fri 11am-3pm Featured: Zoodles, Tofu Kebab, Carrot…, 12 2019
  • RT  @ChicagoPlantEat : Success is progress not perfection. Can't fully give up meat? Slowly reduce. Every meatless / dairyless / eggless meal…Jul, 10 2019