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We proudly offer wholesome artisan dishes made from highest quality organic ingredients. Our recipesare based in the nature’s goodness for physical health, mental balance and spiritual growth.

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  • Healthy vegan organic gluten-free sugar-free deliciois treats for your favorite person from… https://t.co/K62pp0QvAfFeb, 14 2018
  • Love and Light from the Purple Sprout family as we are enjoying this delicious spread after snow… https://t.co/UPLmp0v33oFeb, 12 2018
  • Oh yes, the long-awaited Red Velvet cake is finally back for Valentine's Day!!! Enjoy it here… https://t.co/4NYWlhbnpfFeb, 11 2018
  • Key Lime Pie made by our 9-year old Sprout - organic, non-gmo, raw, vegan, paleo, gluten-free,… https://t.co/JgfT6Ys31HFeb, 1 2018