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15% off Meal Plans for new customers with code NEW15
Free delivery on orders $200+ In Chicago Northshore. Details
Low activity level: or in other words hypo dynamics: dangers imposed on health by a sedentary life style are just as great as any other risk factor but for some is many times greater. People who tend to quickly gain weight and loose it slowly definitely need to be more active than those who possess opposite qualities and naturally very active in everything they do. Inactivity causes stagnation in blood and lymph circulation that leads to a number of undesired effects such as development of salt deposits and thrombi, toxin accumulation in the tissues, favorable conditions for the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, mental depression and sluggishness. On top of that, there is also poor tissue formation and nerve impulse conductivity.

Stress: The pace we live in to just be able to keep up with the requirements of modern society is unimaginably high. At times we get wound up to extreme levels when even people with a strong psychological organization can fail and fall victim to stress and depression. Why so? We are tuned to perception of the outside circumstances primarily, and that perception in most cases is subjective and clouded, conditioned by the restless mind. Our reactions are quick and fueled by an extreme emotional underpinning, often not thought-through and weighed carefully.

Negative reactions are very depleting and debilitating to the nerve tissue, it wastes the essential vital energy of the inner nature of being. So, stress is not in the external circumstances but is in the way we choose to respond to them. And we have that option to choose our reaction, which means we have the power to control stress, even eliminate it completely Low. All we need is to learn how.