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15% off Meal Plans for new customers with code NEW15
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Morning is a very beautiful time of the day. It is energetically pure and full of ojas*-building power especially at sunrise. This is the time of the day filled with nourishing energy of rebalanced nature. It provides vitality to the physical sheaths, and stability to the mind, and joy to the soul. The energy of the morning can be harnessed and can even replace breakfast for some people while maintaining the purity of the body (staying in the cleansing mode). This is one of the best ways to get charged for the day. It is not only healthy, but wise (and wisdom and health always go hand-in-hand) to catch this time of the day and participate in it, to claim your share of the universal energy that nourishes and supplies endurance for the entire day. Yogis use this time to fill up their subtle bodies with prana, but what do we do – those who are not yogis, how do we tap into this boundless bounty?

Imagine waking up right before the sunrise and walking onto an open field enveloped in refreshing fog and covered with crystal clear dew drops. Your bare feet are surprised by the caressing touch of cool soft young grass. Your body trembles slightly in the whiffs of chilly air. Your mind and soul open up to the inexplicable bliss, deep vast calmness and infinite possibilities.

Morning walks, meditation, musings, affirmations, yoga, prayer – all help to program your day the way you want. Morning is also connected to the immune system and its energy nourishes and strengthens the immunity and overall homeostasis. Get up early and see for yourself 😊.

*Ojas is a Sanskrit word meaning “the essence of the immunity”, “overall strength, energy and vitality”.

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels