Please join us for this comprehensive workshop filled with colors, textures, flavors and aromas (that we wish you could sense!) where we will talk so many things Juicing:
– benefits of juicing
– the different properties of different ingredients and juices, mixing of ingredients
– challenges and rewards of juicing
– how to get into juicing
– how to get the family into juicing
– where to get the produce
– what juicer to use

We will show you how to prep the produce, how to juice it, provide you with recipes for the rainbow of yummy amazing juices: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white (corresponding to the 7 chakras).

You will walk away equipped with knowledge how to use juices as a way to curb cravings, cut out unhealthy foods, and improve your health.

To register for the workshop:

Looking forward to juicing with you!