Children’s Gong Meditation and Sound Exploration

Sunday, August 21, 6 pm

Kids can expect to have hands-on interactions with wondrous instruments such as; Large Gongs, Singing Bowls, Ocean Drum, Shruti Box, Shaman’s Rattles, Burmese Whirling Gongs, and other unique sound-making instruments. In addition to some instrument hands-on, kids will get to experience a shortened, gentle, (30min) Gong Meditation experience.

$25 for 1 Parent and 1 Child, +$5 per Additional Child
$35 for 2 Adults and 1 Child, +$5 per Additional Child

Please RSVP to Irina at 224-223-7133 to reserve a spot.

Facilitator: Benjamin Savage of Benjamin Savage Gong Meditations

What to bring:
REQUIRED: Please come prepared with a soft mat to lay on for yourself and your kids. A yoga mat or camping mat are ideal. Please bring blankets and pillows as well; you want to be as comfortable as possible and body temperatures can drop during the gong meditation. *Purple Sprout has no mats, blankets, or pillows to offer- YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN.
Wear comfortable clothes.
An eye mask is optional, but can offer a deeper experience.
Refrain from eating too close to the start time of the event

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