Combat Chronic Inflammation – Unique Foods for your Health

You will find out why living chemical-free is important, what symptoms and diseases are associated with toxicity and how to reduce your toxic load. You will also learn how to combat chronic inflammation and unique foods for your health. As a bonus, Jodi will share how she reversed her own food sensitivities at home.

Cost to Attend: $0
Thursday, January 23, 6-7:30pm

About the Presenter:
Jodi Suson of Suson Essentials offers decades of combined experience in customized wellness and leadership solutions. Jodi Suson discovered that she struggled being an effective leader until she was able to establish her health, which included modifying her lifestyle to support a healthy mind, body and spirit.

That life long journey inspired Jodi to develop a variety of programs that would transform lives. With a two-pronged approach, Suson Essentials supports both corporations and individuals.

Jodi authored her story “Informed Choices” in the book “Overcoming Mediocrity” which became an Amazon best seller.
Jodi L. Suson, MBA, OB, CCWS, LifeStyle Coach

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