Detox Marathon Track 2 “A Month’s Cleanse”

Hey Everyone!
We are launching our first marathon, the Detox Marathon!
There are three tracks so everyone willing can participate.

Track 2 – “A Month’s Cleanse” = 30 Days of Clean Eating:
– Daily Nutrition including 3 meals, 2 beverages (tea, juice, smoothie, healthy coffee alternative), 1 snack. A total of 90 balanced meals, 60 beverages, 30 snacks. 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Whole Foods Plant-Based Gluten-free.
– 2 Healthy Living/Healthy Eating consultations with our Nutrition Experts
– Detox Master Class
– Virtual Support Group
– Investment in you: $1200 ($1900 VALUE)
A month’s cleanse usually results in the following benefits (individual results vary):
– Feeling of physical and emotional lightness
– Reduction in body mass
– Waistline reduction
– Digestive reset
– Toxin and mucus cleanse
– Improvement in blood pressure and bad cholesterol numbers
– Improved skin condition
– More energy
– Better mood, clear mind, and positive thinking
– Reduction to elimination of sugar and bread/pastry cravings
– Improved eating habits

Meals Pick Up Schedule:
-Sunday, September 29
-Thursday, October 3

Ways to sign up:
– Call Purple Sprout at 224-223-7133
– Through Facebook
– Through Eventbrite

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