Detox Master Class

Detox Master Class ​Tuesday, September 24​ 6:30-8pm

Our entire wellbeing is a function of how clean our body is inside out. Almost any disease is just toxemia, the result of an overabundance of toxins and mucus in the body. Anything from allergies, to diabetes, mental challenges including anxiety, depression, and dementia, and most degenerative diseases like arthritis, digestive inflammatory processes, heart conditions, and cancer can be helped with the right detoxification of the body. ​There are many reasons why detox programs can be ineffective. Detoxing during the wrong season, jumping to extremes, being physically or mentally unprepared, and lack of understanding, guidance, and support can all impact your results.

That is why Purple Sprout Cafe is here to help you detox the right way.

Join us and learn what kind of detox is right for you, how to prepare for a detox, how to come out of a detox, and how to sustain a naturally detoxifying lifestyle on a daily basis. Purple Sprout’s Plant-Based Chef and Ayurvedic Practitioner Karim Raimbekov will talk about the sources of toxins, walk you through the basic principles of detoxification using the right foods, juicing, fasting, wellness rituals, and more.​ By the end of this information packed workshop you will walk away with more knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and encouragement to improve your detox and overall lifestyle.

You will also be able to sign up for a 1-Week or 1-Month Detox Marathon, complete with meals, beverages, snacks, consultations, and support during the Detox Master Class.

Investment in YOU: $30 per person.

Please call us at 224-223-7133 to reserve your spot.

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