How To Heart Attack Proof Yourself with a Whole Foods No Oil Plant Based Diet

Sherry Shrallow will be talking about her recently published book, Staying Alive, Healing from Heart Disease- A Survivor’s Story, on June 27 th at 6:30pm at the Purple Sprout Cafe in Wheeling.
Sherry ‘s journey from a near fatal heart attack to a vibrant, healthy life is all due to her discovery that a whole foods, no oil, plant-based diet was the only way to protect herself from this ever happening to
her again.
Drawing on the knowledge she acquired from various sources, including a course on plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Sherry will share with you all she has learned about what causes heart disease and how we can prevent and even reverse it. She’ll also discuss why olive oil (or any other oil) is not healthy for your heart.
Sherry will also explore how to go about transitioning to a whole foods, no oil, plant-based diet and will
share tips on how to successfully make the change.
Purple Sprout Cafe will provide a delicious 3-Course Whole Foods No Oil Plant Based Meal including a Raw Carrot Cake.

Investment: $22 per person. Advance Regisration is required.

To register – choose your option:
1. Call Purple Sprout at 224-223-7133
2. Join Purple Sprout’s meetup group:
3. Join Sherry’s meetup group:

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