Kirtan Flamenco Style with Atmarama Dasa, Kirtan Legend

Prepare yourself for a memorable night of flamenco guitar combined with Indian raga.
Composer of sacred music, devotional singer, and accomplished musician – Atmarama dasa has been performing around the world for the last two decades; sharing his music and wisdom with people from all walks of life. Through meditative Sanskrit songs and mantras he conveys a spiritual depth that many people are searching for. Imbued with the special energy of Vrindavan – India, where he has been living for many years, he is able to transmit the joy and bliss of the kirtan that is eternally going on in this sacred place. His unique style and sincere desire to share his spiritual understanding create an atmosphere of profound spiritual vibration.

Fuelled by a spiritual purpose, Atmarama has released nine albums, which are reaching far corners of the world. Yearly he travels from continent to continent – touching thousands of hearts and lives with his music.
Atmarama plays a variety of instruments, but his instrument of choice is flamenco and acoustic guitar. He plays with ease and fluidity as if the guitar were a part of him.

Admission: Offering from the heart

Friday, June 15, 6:30-8pm
Atmarama has been a pioneer in China performing the first ever public kirtan in the first yoga festival in Guangzhou to take place there. Over the past several years he has toured there three times, having many successful programs in various cities throughout the country, enlivening many yoga students to embrace kirtan. He has also visited many other countries, including Cuba and Arab Emirates – demonstrating the universality of his music. Annually Sivananda Yoga organization has been hosting him in their yoga communities around the world as they really appreciate the peace and joy that his performance imparts. As part of his yearly American tour he also performs in various yoga centers such as, Jivamukti and Integral Yoga in New York City. Those that attend these programs leave feeling deeply moved by the sincerity and purity that they have experienced.


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