The Truth About Cancer: Modern Medicine and The Cancer Pandemic

Friday, July 15, 7 pm

11 Episode Docu-series (

The first step to preventing and curing cancer is understanding exactly what it is, how it forms, and what is currently offered by most mainstream doctors as treatments.
In order to understand the current state of affairs of medical practice in the Western World, it’s vital to understand exactly how we got here. In this episode, we’re going to jump into the time capsule and go all the way back over 100 years to the turn of the 20th century and learn how we got ourselves into this mess.
How can we change where we’re going if we don’t know how we got here? This show will lay the foundation as to why cancer has reached epic proportions worldwide and why the current treatment model (chemo, radiation, and surgery) just isn’t working. You’ll learn “in plain English” the truth about cancer so that you can fight and win the battle.

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