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Hey Everyone!
By popular demand we are launching our 22-Day New Year Healthy You Marathon!

February 3 – February 24

It is a comprehensive wellness program that provides you with complete no-hassle all-ready-for-you nutrition, establishes you in a healthy lifestyle, and leaves you with tools and knowledge to continue going forward.

The Marathon Program includes:
– Complete Nutrition consisting of meals and juices for 22 days
The nutrition is masterfully crafted to lead you through a cleansing-nourishing cycle that flushes your system, aids in body regeneration and refills it with clean proper “fuel”. You will experience a delightful journey from delicious cooked vegan meals to the tantalizing world of raw foods, to a refreshing juicing period, and a full circle back. Some periods will be grain-, legumes-, and salt-free.
All the beverages and meals are 100% Organic and Non-GMO. All meals are Whole Foods Plant-Based Gluten-free Soy-free.
We use eco-friendly packaging.
– Master Detox Class (Webinar) Wed January 29, 7 pm CST
You will learn about the nature of virtually any disease, why and how it develops, and ways of safely cleansing your body to obtain health.
– Cleansing and Relaxation Routines Class (Webinar)
We will show you effective morning routines to clear away toxins accumulated in your mouth during the night and jump-starting your digestion for the day.
– Free Oral Cleansing Kit
Bamboo toothbrush, Purple Sprout tooth powder, tongue scraper
– 22 detox recipes
– Digestive Herbs
You will receive two herbal formulations with instructions on how to take them to aid with your digestion and cleanse.
– 1 virtual post-Marathon Q&A Session
Where you can ask any questions pertaining to body, mind, spirit connection and overall wellbeing.

You can also get a consultation with our own Natural Healing Practitioner Karim Ra for a set of recommendations specific to your state of health. We have a proven success record working with virtually any health condition. One-time and 4-consultation options are available.

This kind of detox is usually associated with:
– Feeling of lightness
– A reduction in body mass
– Waistline reduction
– Improved digestion
– More energy
– Better mood
– Improved sleeping
– Reduction in junk food cravings
– Improved overall body, mind, spirit connection and state of being

Meals Pick Up Schedule:
– Sundays, starting February 2
– Wednesdays
– Fridays, last pickup February 21

Ways to sign up:
– Call Purple Sprout Café and Juice Bar at 224-223-7133
– Through Facebook
– Through Eventbrite

About Purple Sprout and the Founders:
Purple Sprout Café and Juice Bar is a School of Health that helps people live healthier, happier, longer lives. We teach cooking classes, hold seminars, workshops and various other events on healthy natural living. We offer Nutritional and Ayurvedic consultations that help a wide range of health concerns, healthy living and mind-body-spirit coaching, detox and fasting programs, and so much more. Purple Sprout Café and Juice Bar serves organic, non-GMO, sugar-free, Whole Foods Plant-Based food that is mostly Gluten- and Soy-free. A variety of meal plans and juice cleanses are available.
Purple Sprout’s Co-Founder, Natural Healing Specialist, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Plant-Based Chef Karim Ra combines Western medicine education & extensive experience with Eastern Medicine knowledge & wisdom.

Purple Sprout’s Co-Founder & Plant-Based Chef Irina Ra has been teaching healthy living and cooking, yoga, meditation, and natural upbringing of children for over a decade.
Our children have been a huge part of Purple Sprout and have contributed to the menu, programs being offered, and are the heart and soul of our place sharing smiles and forming relationships with our customers.

Track 1: 1 Juice + 3 Meals a Day + Webinars + Recipes + Herbs + Oral Cleansing Kit + Post-Detox Q&A
Total: $948
Value: $1348

Track 2: 1 Juice + 2 Meals a Day + Webinars + Recipes + Herbs + Oral Cleansing Kit + Post-Detox Q&A
Total: $715
Value: $1065

Track 3: 1 Juice + 1 Meal a Day + Webinars + Recipes + Herbs + Oral Cleansing Kit + Post-Detox Q&A
Total: $499
Value: $759

Track 4: Recipes + Webinars + Post-Detox Q&A
Total: $99
Value: $150

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