Order Your Holiday Healthy Vegan Meals!

You can now order your Holiday Organic Vegan Meals! Call us at 224-223-7133 to place your order. Delivery may be available – please ask!
(You can also enjoy these dishes when dining in)

Package 1:
Cream of Greens Soup
Carrot Daikon Salad
Quinoa “Sausage” Stuffed Pumpkin
$34 for 1 | $66 for 2 | $130 for 4

Package 2:
Beet Borscht Soup
Olivie French-style Salad
Stuffed Acorn Squash
$42 for 1 | $82 for 2 | $160 for 4

Package 3:
Split Pea Soup
Avocado Beet Salad
Root Vegetable Gratin
Apple Pear Cobbler
$38 for 1 | $74 for 2 | $143 for 4

Package 4:
Pumpkin Coconut Soup
Sea Vegetable Salad
Maple Pecan Butternut Squash
Pumpkin Pie (raw)
$41 for 1 | $80 for 2 | $159 for 4

Package 5:
Purple & Green Salad
Tofu Roast
Pumpkin Pie (raw)
$40 for 1 | $78 for 2 | $155 for 4

(no substitutions please)

You can also purchase any of the above items separately.

Also Available:
-Green Bean Casserole
-Pumpkin Hummus 8oz
-Turmeric Brown Rice
-Sweet Potato Mash
-Garlic Kale Quinoa
-Roasted Vegetables
-Homemade Proteins (Seitan, Cannellini Bean Sausage, Sprouted Lentil Chorizo, Refried, Beans, Dahl, Coconut Meat, HempBurger Patty)
-Cranberry Sauce
-Cashew Gravy
-Alfredo Sauce
-Coconut Ice Cream
-Pumpkin Spice Latte
-Apple Cider
-“Cheese”cakes, cakes, muffins, and more
-Sweet Gift Boxes
-Natural Living Gift Boxes

We can take care of the following needs:
Oil-free| Gluten-free |Soy-free
Grain-free| Nut-free| Raw
Garlic and Onion-free

We will be open Thanksgiving Day!!! We are here to help you 224-223-8133

For a chance to win🏆🏆🏆a complimentary Dinner for 2, please join Purple Sprout’s 4 Year Anniversary celebration on Tuesday, November 12, 10am-8pm 🎂🍰🎈

341 E. Dundee Rd. Wheeling, IL 60090

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