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Our ready-to-eat meals are healing in nature, created by ayurvedic and nutrition experts, from organic plant-based ingredients for optimum energetic and nutritional balance.

Whether your goal is to lose or gain weight, cleanse or detox, boost immunity, improve your health, or you simply want the convenience of eating clean and healthy – we have the meal plan for you.

How Our Meal Plans Work

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Important Details:

*All pickups and deliveries occur on SUNDAYS.*

PICKUPS: Come anytime between 10am and 2pm 

DELIVERIES: Occur between 8am and 2pm


Cut-off time for orders is end of day on Tuesday. Orders placed after Tuesday will be ready on Sunday of the following week.*

*Exceptions may be made. If it is past Tuesday, please call us to inquire about availability for this Sunday.


Please note: For any given Meal Plan each week, the first 6 meals are unique and the following meals are duplicated.

We believe that healthy and delicious are one and the same when Mother Nature is the Chef.
The healthier we are, the more great things we can do.
It is a known fact that overall health and immunity are greatly increased by switching to a whole foods plant-based diet.
We look at food from the standpoint of nutrients, energetic composition, potency, and seasonality.

Purple Sprout Meals

  • Save me time and energy allowing me to focus on other things in my life
  • Support me on my journey to health
  • Allow me to balance health and convenience
  • Let me contribute to the wellbeing of the Planet, its people, and all living beings