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The goal of this meal plan is to increase the elimination of toxins through natural elimination pathways while supporting the effectiveness of the detox mechanism. The Detox/Raw meal plan is rich in all essential nutrients to keep this process balanced, and the detox time smooth and enjoyable. These nutritively rich dishes are balanced in energies, tastes and components.
A multitude and variety of vegetables is the cornerstone of this meal plan. Digestive herbs and spices such as cumin and ginger will be added to the meals. The meal plan includes various wraps and rolls, raw proteins made with sprouted lentils and nuts, and fortified vegetable dishes.
May cause a significant health effect. It is advisable to seek guidance if planning to make a full switch to raw nutrition to experience all the benefits.

Each week we make six completely different dishes! If you are, for example, ordering 12 meals, you will be provided with 2 sets of the six meals.




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