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Healthy Digestion

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Food sensitivities and allergies, acid reflux, esophagitis, ulcers, leaky gut, IBD, IBS, loose stool, hemorrhoids, low weight, abnormal elements levels, and other symptoms speak of insufficient or unhealthy digestion.
The Healthy Digestion program aims to help correct digestive problems and alleviate various symptoms to improve the quality of life for our clients.

We evaluate each client’s individual concerns, study the symptoms in order to create the most balancing, easy-to-implement nutritional regimen that is aimed at soothing digestive discomforts, calming rebellious GI symptoms such as heartburn, bloating, heaviness, gas, pain, constipation. A well-chosen nutritional regimen stabilizes the GI function in general, at the same time improves absorption of nutrients and regulates peristalsis (bowel movement). The outline of this plan is based on fiber-rich, veggie-heavy meals reliant on whole grains, legumes, vegetables, especially the sweet ones, such as pumpkins and squashes, carrots, sweet potato, and others.

A great digestive impact also comes from using digestive spices and herbs – from well-known rosemary, cumin, thyme, coriander, oregano, fennel, cardamom, and ginger to less-known but nonetheless effective hingwastika, ajwain, and others. The masterful combination of these flavorful spices with wholesome plant-based ingredients helps to ignite the digestive fires to enhance absorption of nutrients, reduce stagnation, increase elimination of pollutants such as toxins and undigested food matter.

Through an individualized approach, we help our clients to either lose or gain weight depending on their needs, by cleansing and purifying the body and nourishing it with the right foods.

As part of the consultation, we evaluate your family health history, analyze your current state of health, establish health goals, identify the healing strategy and provide you with specific instructions including exactly what to eat and which foods to avoid.
Following the consultation, you are welcome to make your own food based on the recommendations. Alternatively, we may be able to make special healing meals for you, with the price being determined based on your healing regimen.
Please contact us to set up your personal health and nutritional consultation.