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Healthy Heart

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A heart is an essential organ that pumps blood through the entire system. It is also a delicate organ whose subtle function is generation of emotions. When emotions and/or nutrition are imbalanced the heart suffers and heart diseases occur.

At the consultation, we evaluate the degree of physical and emotional heart impairment and establish a healing plan that tonifies the heart muscle as well as the entire cardiac system and balances the emotions. This is achieved through different modalities such as mindful daily routines, well-designed nutrition, herbs and all-natural balms and oils.

The objective of this type of nutrition is to support the heart function, regulate blood lipids and body hydration, decrease or eliminate the propensity for blood clot formation, regulate the blood pressure and the emotional state of being, lower cholesterol. For example, one of our recommendations could be removing harsh (fried, oily) and heating components (spices), decreasing amounts of salt and sweeteners, using special slow cooking techniques, adding tender, aromatic, cooling, heart and mind supporting herbs.

As part of the consultation, we evaluate your family health history, analyze your current state of health, establish health goals, identify the healing strategy and provide you with specific instructions including exactly what to eat and which foods to avoid.
Following the consultation, you are welcome to make your own food based on the recommendations. Alternatively, we may be able to make special healing meals for you, with the price being determined based on your healing regimen.
Please contact us to set up your personal health and nutritional consultation.