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15% off Meal Plans for new customers with code NEW15
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Stress Relief / Peaceful Mind

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The Stress Relief program is designed to bring the pacifying effect to the uneasy, restless and depleted mind.
The state and clarity of the mind are largely the function of the condition of the GI tract. Polluted and stagnated intestines, lack of nutrients, especially macro and trace minerals, essential vitamins, and/or overload of calories depletes the nerve tissue and predisposes the mind to be susceptible to depressive moods and stress.

At the consultation, we identify the internal and external causative factors of stress and address them all by teaching you various self-healing modalities. These may include special bodywork and mind-balancing techniques, therapeutic oils and their application methods, herbal support, breathing and meditation practices, stress-relieving foods and cooking processes.

The goal of stress-relieving nutrition is to purify the GI tract and nurture the nervous tissue with grounding, warming qualities in winter and provide a cooling and hydrating effect in the heat of summer. It restores the supply of essential nutrients and overall stabilizes the mind.

As part of the consultation, we evaluate your family health history, analyze your current state of health, establish health goals, identify the healing strategy and provide you with specific instructions including exactly what to eat and which foods to avoid.
Following the consultation, you are welcome to make your own food based on the recommendations. Alternatively, we may be able to make special healing meals for you, with the price being determined based on your healing regimen.
Please contact us to set up your personal health and nutritional consultation.