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The meal plans have been a great benefit to me. I was struggling with some health issues and had a consultation with Dr. Nature (co-founder of Purple Sprout). We decided that I would begin a meal plan. The meals have improved my overall mental and physical health. The food is delicious, nourishing, and convenient. I was able to focus more of my time and energy towards healthy habits by not having to prepare meals. The food is prepared with loving care with a positive vibration. The variety of food in the meal plans provides me with new opportunities to expand my food choices and palette. My gratitude goes out to the Purple Sprout Family for guiding me to making healthier choices for a healthier and meaningful lifestyle.
– Freddy S. Wheeling, IL
The Purple Sprout meal plan is a way to bring self-care and nourishment into my life in a simple and convenient way. I know that I can count on having fresh, well-prepared plant-based meals made from clean ingredients, combined in ways that benefit the body and mind.
– Geoffrey F. Chicago, IL
Just wanted to convey my thanks to you. I did a few weeks of your meal plan to get myself started on a better eating path. I also added exercise and I am down >20 pounds and have more energy than ever in my life – thank you for your role in getting me started 🙂
– Michele C. Chicago, IL
My husband and I started a meal plan from Purple Sprout about 3 weeks ago. We have very busy schedules and it’s not always possible to cook healthy well-balanced meals at home. My husband was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and a vegan diet was recommended to reduce inflammation in the body. In addition to taking on the meal plan, we had a consultation with Karim Ra, who is the Ayurvedic practitioner/co-founder of Purple Sprout. He spend about 2 hours with us taking a detailed survey of lifestyle and current issues. After that, he came up with the set of recommendations that we started to follow daily. They include herb remedies, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. So far my husband lost about 15 lbs, I lost 8 and we are feeling great, light, and energized. The meals are amazing, always different, tasty, fresh, and nutritious. We look forward to each meal. I recommend to anyone who wants to take care of their body and their health to try the meals from Purple Sprout and you will see the difference in how you are feeling, guaranteed.
– Irina C. Buffalo Grove, IL
As a person who is diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, I started to research different alternatives to control my health. I was at my end after many pills, constant vomiting with foods, intolerance to many products, and just not being listened to. When meeting with Dr. Nature (Karim Ra, co-founder of Purple Sprout), I was very impressed. He’s better than a nutritionist (which I’ve tried 2 and got nowhere with progress). He is into older medicine so I was open-minded. He is very thorough and straightforward right away. When making lifestyle changes, it can be hard. I actually lost weight switching to plant-based without getting cravings for any animal products. I also noticed the meal plan actually made me use the bathroom naturally vs. using laxatives twice a day with no success. Karim even said”you must be strict and mentally prepared” and I was. These are changes that I have now been preaching to my diabetic family as well. My Mom is also on a Plant-based amino acid diet and her sugars are stable! I was taught that I didn’t have to suffer anymore by just including the correct regimens in my body. He customizes it to you after a thorough professional evaluation which varies per person. I finally am able to enjoy the foods with less bloating and vomiting and also still getting the full nutrients. Bless these people and the miracles they have brought upon my life. Trust me. The first 2 weeks of detox will be tough but once you are in your whole life is changed. Nothing but honesty and compassion from these people. Worth the money!
– Nikki P. Chicago, IL
I was first introduced to Purple Sprout Cafe by my sister. I went vegan after meeting my Twin Flame as I experienced a dark night of the soul/ awakening. My Twin Flamehelped me realize I needed to become my greatest version and Love myself. 1 of the best things we can do to become our greatest versions and Love ourselves is to realize we need to treat all life with Love and respect which means being vegan. Self Love and peace begin on our plates. Irina, Karim, and their children are THE masters and the best at what they do. Purple Sprout has been meal prepping for me for a couple of years providing me with the best food in the Universe helping me become my greatest version healing me in every way. I have also had consultations with Karim where helped me and taught me lifetimes of knowledge for health and life. I am grateful for Irina, Karim, their children, and the Purple Sprout team’s Love and light not only helping me but helping the Universe. Love and Gratitude,
– Ron Petoskey (former Premier Pro-Wrestling World Champion). Zion, IL
I am a physically active and athletic man. I had preconceived ideas of what nutrition was about and what nutrition did for me for many decades. As such, I was trapped in a critical cycle from which I was unable to escape. This situation worsened when I started practicing pranayama. I started to bloat and increased from 185 to 205 pounds for apparently no reason as I am so physically active. I was obsessive about my situation. At the time I thought my food preferences were beneficial and I was doing the best for myself. It was not until after I met Karim Ra (Dr. Nature) that all my preconceived ideas were explained to me sensibly and logically.
Transformation and integration happened. Internal understanding happened. I changed my eating habits. I subscribed to Purple Sprout’s meal plans. I lost 35 pounds which was just a side benefit. I feel more energetic, lighter. I am happy and I resonate in the higher vibrations. The hunger beast and the lower energy beast are in check now. I am in control. Thank you Dr. Nature and Purple Sprout – I have been restored and rejuvenated.
– Hugo N. Glencoe, IL