The Truth About Fruit

MAJOR FRUIT ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All-You-Can Eat Fruit!
Enjoy everything from grapes and berries to dragon and passion fruit, bananas and durian, and more.

A talk on FRUIT to address the existing FRUIT CONTROVERSY:
– What is fruit? What does it do?
– Is fruit dangerous or is it the best food for humans as a species?
– Is fruit good for everyone?

Meet real-life local fruitarians that will talk about their personal experience.

*The Raw Family – The founders of Purple Sprout Cafe and Juice Bar and Purple Sprout School of Health Karim and Irina Raimbekov with their boys, 10 and 6 y.o., will share their experience living raw with kids and give tips on transitioning to a raw/fruitarian lifestlyle as a family.

Karim, a Plant-based Chef and Ayurvedic Practitioner will also delve deeper into the root cause of modern-day diseases and explain how fruit can help achieve the state of best possible health and be a life saver in many situations.

*Ron Petoskey, a former Premier Pro Wrestling World Champion, will share how he has conquered anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and addiction, and how fruit is helping him now to stay at the peak of performance and be the best version of himself.

*Alex Zaikin has over a decade of experience with being raw vegan/fruitarian and fasting, practicing and teaching yoga and meditation. He will share his journey out of ailments into health and spirituality.

*Gabrielius was a world-class parachutist, but sustained a serious trauma that paralyzed half of his body. Now he has regained most of his bodily functions. A fascinating story of healing through fruit and fasting.

Investment in You: $70 when pre-registering with Purple Sprout 224-223-7133.
Children 7-14 $15
Kids under 7 are free

Wed Sept 11 6-8pm

Please make sure to register before September 1 as the fruit purchased for the event will be based on pre-registrations. Help us have a true All-You-Can-Eat tropical fruit event!!!

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