Tooth Care: What Our Family Does

Hey guys, just wanted to share this morning what our family does for tooth care since there are always so many questions.

Just like with anything, we have a very natural approach here. We use activated charcoal and make our own tooth powder. Then, the question is how do you get the kids to use these things over the great-tasting toothpaste that is also regretfully full of chemicals and artificial flavors?

Well, we let our kids have fun with the charcoal 🙂

What’s great about Activated Charcoal? In simple terms, 1. it whitens your teeth without supplying your body with unnecessary chemicals and 2. absorbs, neutralizes and rids your oral cavity of toxins.

Here is our favorite brand:

Moody Zook Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder with Sage

What we also like to do is alternate the activated charcoal powder with our own DIY tooth powder:

Just mix Neem, Clove, Rice Bran, Tulsi, a pinch of Turmeric and Pink Himalayan Salt – and you have the perfect natural organic composition for clean healthy teeth that reduces inflammation and tightens the gums. As an added benefit, it helps to control appetite to prevent overeating and to aid in healthy weight loss. This formula is great for adults, a little on the bitter side. You may want to add sweet licorice powder and aromatic mint to appeal to the kids’ palate.

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