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Hello, everybody!

This is our first blog, as we are introducing our website https://purplesprout.com/.
The Purple Sprout team would like to thank everybody who supports our endeavor to share our knowledge of balanced nutrition and contribute to community’s awareness of healthy and mindful nutrition and compassionate way of life.

Special thanks to those who put in extra effort to make it come to being – to Guardian Hospice, Village of Wheeling, Franco’s construction, Studio SAF, Roman Liufa Photography, local artists and farmers, friends and family, and especially our kids who have been so incredibly patient.

We are proud to serve the local community and guests that come from distant places with thoughtfully prepared well balanced dishes made from organic, mostly locally grown, produce.

We develop our menu items to achieve best health benefits using different nutritional approaches providing nature’s healing power through food.

Our doors have been open for just almost three months and yet we experience a great response and support from people of different backgrounds and lifestyles who resonate with our values and are ready to take a step towards a better health and brighter future.

We invite you to share with us your interests, values, victories and concerns, share with us your recipes and learn ours. Let’s sprout together!

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